Activation: Canada's role in D-Day
Exploration: What would you die for?
Discussion: What was it like to be there on D-Day?

Lesson Duration

1 class period (75 minutes)

Lesson Materials 


Preparation of the “D-Day Landing Folders” takes time, but is well worth the effort. Print and cut out the various materials. You can print them in colour or on coloured sheets of paper. A manila envelope or folder will help to gather the contents.

Desks can be set up around the perimeter of the room in groups of 4-5.

Be sure to leave space to establish a community circle in the middle of your room or outside the groups of desks to facilitate reflection and conversation. 

Notes For Educators

Options for Continued Learning

1. Watch a video of D-Day veterans who describe their experience. D-Day 70: The Veterans (share their stories) - is only viewable for subscribers - Video (10:05)

2. Visit the Memory Project Website to explore the stories of Second World War veterans. Locate, watch, and discuss the experience of a D-Day Veteran through this invaluable classroom resources.

3. Book a Canadian Veteran of the Second World War to visit your school or classroom.

Additional Resources

The Juno Beach Centre website is a tremendous resource for continued research of many topics related to Canadians in the Second World War. You can research Events, People, and Arms and Weapons with many different sub-categories within each. There is also an interactive map feature which can work well in classrooms.    


Canada Carries On: Break Through - Video (10:40) - archival Newsreel footage

Crusade for Liberation - Newsreel Video (6:30)

Storming Juno Battle Scenes - Video (1:28:29)

D-Day: A Critical Moment in History - Video (3:40)

D-Day 70: The Veterans (share their stories) - is only viewable for subscribers - Video (10:05)

Juno Beach 60 Years Later - is only viewable for subscribers - Video (14:45)


Here are a collection of images from Juno Beach on June 6, 1944


D-Day collected infographics


Normandy Invasion - The Canadian Encyclopedia

Juno Beach - The Canadian Encyclopedia

Lucie Aubrac - French Resistance - Biography


CBC Radio online has a list of popular music from the Second World War

“Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” from the Andrews Sisters




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