Remembering the Joggins Six

By: Dara Legere

Joggins Nova Scotia remembers the six men that were killed during the First World War Battle of Vimy Ridge from the small town. The six men are named:  C.W. Jenkins, Clifford Phillips, Frank Forrest, Fred Belleveau, George Livingstone, and James Lloyd. Below is Fred Belleveau's last letter he sent home in February 1917.


February 15, 1917

Dear Brother and Sister: 

Just a few lines today to let you both know that I am still in the land of the living and enjoying good health and sincerely hope this letter will find you both the same. I have escaped the ravages of the Hun so far but don't know what the future has in store for me. However, it is always a soldier's part to look on the bright side of things, because if he did otherwise he could not possible be a scrapper. 

Well dear ones I have always heard a lot about the beautiful land of France and believe me it must have been indeed a beautiful country before this war. Of course as you know it is mostly in ruins, but when one sees now and again the remnants of some chateau with its magnificient surroundings, he can picture his mind the beauty of France in former days. Everything is so picturesque and quaint. What strikes me most is the poorer class of people or peasants in their old fashioned low roofed houses. 

These houses are mostly situated in little villages and have a tendency to make the scenic beauty more grand. 

Yes, France is a beautiful country and after being among its people I can say I am proud to be able to trace my ancestry back to its soil. 

Well, I suppose you are still wondering if I received my box or not. It reached me OK and I did certainly enjoy its contents to the utmost. It was all so delicious that I can taste it yet. If you send another do not send any cigs or tobacco as we are wall supplied with those things here. You can replace those with candles as they are very precious and useful article here. 

I see Charlie Landry most everyday and he is looking fine. He sends he regards to all. 

I was also talking to Graham Betts a few days ago and he wishes to be remembered to all the boys. 

Also, I saw Dave Walker but did not get a chance to speak to him. 

Well I guess I will have to draw this letter to a close as I have others to write. 

Answer soon as a letter from home is as welcome as the "Flowers in May"

With love, 

Your Brother Fred 

Unforunately Fred Bellieveau was killed on April 9, 1917 in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. He did not live to welcome the "Flowers in May."

Fred Bellveau


C.W Jenkins


Clifford Phillips


Frank Forrest


George Livingstone


James Lloyd

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