We’re currently booking the From Vimy to Juno travelling exhibition in regions across Canada.

Do you have an opportunity to host the exhibition in your community? 

Please contact David Benoit, Program Coordinator at dbenoit@junobeach.org or 877 828-5866 x 123 for more information.

We want to hear from you! Should you have any questions or comments about the From Vimy to Juno Education Campaign, or how you can be a part of our efforts, please contact us via the Juno Beach Centre's Canadian office:

Telephone: 1-877-828-JUNO (5866)

E-mail: jbca@junobeach.org

For more information about, or to submit content for, the History and Learn sections, contact Jen Sguigna, Program Coordinator, at jsguigna@junobeach.org or 877-828-5866 x 122. 

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