Activation: How do you know that something has changed?
Exploration: What do demographics tell us about a changing Canada?
Communicate: Was the Second World War going to be different from the First World War?

Lesson Duration

1 class period (75 minutes)

Lesson Materials 

Comparative History Worksheets


Students should have access to alternative online and print resources. 

Notes For Educators

Helping students to understand the complex concept of CHANGE in history isn’t always easy. We think change is apparent, but there are many things that change gradually or even invisibly that make change difficult to see and measure in history.

Try the game: “Change 3 Things” to help students understand “WHY” things change.

Establishing a learning community in your classroom is an important step for any successful lesson. Several instructional strategies in this lesson can help to build a sense of community. 

Additional Resources

Please see Comparative Worksheet.



Photo Credit: City of Toronto Archives

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