Activation: Why did the Battle of Vimy Ridge get a big, fancy memorial?
Exploration: What do we already know about the Battle of Vimy Ridge?
Discussion: Does the Battle of Vimy Ridge overshadow other examples of sacrifice and accomplishment from the First World War?

Lesson Duration

1 class period (75 minutes)

Lesson Materials 


Resources will need to be curated and prepared. See suggestions in Additional Resources, consult the History section of this website, or review the resources provided for other lesson plans. Course Textbooks can really work for this lesson, but students are encouraged to use other available resources. Consider gathering library books, and other online resources that will help students to conduct research into other battles from the First World War. Depending on the level of students you’re working with, you may decide to have students find their own resources instead of curating your own approved list of resource materials.

Notes for Educators

The resources you select for this lesson will determine the length of time and degree of difficulty of the lesson for your students. It is suggested that you consider using multiple resources for students to explore the land battles of the First World War, but you may only have access to one.

Tailor your worksheet/“Case Study” according to the information given to students in the resource(s) provided. 

Additional Resources

The Canadian War Museum website details many land battles Canadians fought in during the First World War.

5 Major Canadian Battles of the First World War 

Creating Canada

Think History



Photo Credit: Canadian War Museum

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