Photographs are a rich source of information about the past. Your students today will act like historians to analyze selected photographs — to peer into the past through the visual details.

Scavenger Hunt

Each student will receive a picture from a different part of the exhibit. There are two images from each panel, so students can be put into pairs accordingly.


Students predict what they think is happening in their pictures. Each image has some predictive prompts. With their partners, they find and Go See the panel with their pictures on it. Together they read the caption and look at the whole picture. They discuss the reflective prompts on their cards, Share what they learned, then they can discuss the bigger question which is tied to one of the historical thinking concepts explained at right.

What’s the Big Idea?

At the end of all the learning, you will try to answer this question based on what you’ve learned.

What will you do to remember?
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