Activation: Does a picture tell a thousand words?
Exploration: What do you want to know about the Battle of Vimy Ridge?
Assessment: Why was the Battle of Vimy Ridge significant to the development of Canada's identity?

Lesson Duration

1 class period (75 minutes)

This lesson can be lengthened or expanded according to interest and engagement.

Lesson Materials 


Select and prepare learning resources for your classroom from the list provided under Additional Resources.

Notes for Educators

There are many ways to explore the topic of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and help students to learn the content relating to this event (from a Canadian perspective).

Historical significance is unique to each student’s evaluation of the past, but there are core questions that can help students to explore significance in more depth. 

Additional Resources

Photos of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

Veteran’s Affairs Canada - Website with Downloadable PDF for the Battle of Vimy Ridge

Discovery Knowledge Documentary - Great Battles: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Canadian War Museum - Site About Battle of Vimy Ridge

Historica Canada - Vimy Ridge Heritage Minute (Video)

Veteran’s Affairs Canada - Story Gallery: Vimy Ridge (collected images)

Multimedia Resources for the Battle of Vimy Ridge (including Video footage)

The Vimy Foundation - Event Synopsis and Other Resources

National Defense and Canadian Forces Website - Details of Ellis Wellwood Sifton (awarded Victoria Cross for actions at Vimy Ridge)

Canadian Encyclopedia Online - Vimy Ridge

The Oaks of Vimy Ridge

“Birth of a Nation” v. Mythmaker

Colourized Photo of Victors After Vimy

The Symbol of Vimy



Photo Credit: Canadian War Museum

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