Activation: Why was this a "White Man's War"?
Exploration: Who was Francis Pegahmagabow?
Discussion: Why did they fight for Canada?

Lesson Duration

1 class period (75 minutes)

Lesson Materials 


The Manipulatives in the PDF found above will need to be prepared by the teacher in advance of the lesson.

Notes for Educators

General reading 

This is a very open kind of inquiry that allows students to explore the topics that interest them the most. 

Additional Resources

The Great War Website has a great overview article including the experience of many different groups.

Black Canadian Soldiers

“Photo reminds us of Canada’s first all-Black Battalion” - CBC News

Veterans Affairs Canada Website

From Historica Canada - a brief description of the No. 2 Construction Battalion and related links

Canada Post Website - 2016 Black History Month Stamp for the No. 2 Construction Battalion

Enemy Aliens

Dark Memories Endure (Article)

Discrimination Against Immigrants during the First World War (Article)

First Nations Soldiers

First Nations on the Front Lines

Legendary Ojibwa Sniper - Francis Pegahmagabow Article and Video

Francis Pegahmagabow - Canadian Encyclopedia Biography

Aboriginal Soldiers among Top Snipers of WWI

Women in the First World War

Women’s Roles during World War I and the Suffragist Movement

Nursing Sisters of WWI

Women in Uniform




Photo Credit: Canadian War Museum

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