Activation: Why did Canada get involved in the First World War?
Exploration: How do you know that you've won or lost in war?
Discussion: Was the First World War a war that could be won?

Lesson Duration

1 class period (75 minutes)

Lesson Materials 


Label three "zones" in your classroom: Living, Fighting, Dying. 

Notes for Educators

You can vary the number of trench sources used. The list provided can be expanded or shortened as desired.

Additional Resources

The Canadian War Museum’s Supply Line Discovery Box and supporting materials are an interesting opportunity to bring original and reproduction artifacts into your classroom.

Christmas Truce of 1914

Canadian War Museum’s “Over the Top” interactive game

This BBC website provides a wide variety of resources useful in exploring the experience of soldiers who fought in the trenches of The First World War. 

“The Great War” website is a resource of collected information and primary sources relevant to students in all provinces, on a wide variety of topics from The First World War including an interesting section on the “Faces of War” and on the “Battlefront” relevant to this lesson. Also included in this website is a section called “Songs from WWI”.



Photo Credit: Canadian War Museum

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