Activation: BOOM!
Exploration: Wait for me, Daddy.
Communicate: Personal Response

Lesson Duration

1 class period (75 minutes)

Lesson Materials 

Notes For Educators

I define a “Total War” as a conflict involving contribution to battles on LAND, at SEA, and in the AIR; but also on the HOMEFRONT, and through ESPIONAGE. Your concept of “Total War” may be different. When the 5 aspects of a “Total War” work together (as fingers on my hand) they come together to form a fist; one strong enough to beat our enemies in the Second World War. When one element is missing, (ie. Land) our defensive and offensive capabilities are weakened. 

Additional Resources

“Wait for me Daddy” photograph unveiled as Statue (Article)

“That’s me in the picture: Wait for me Daddy” (Article)

Canadian War Industry in The Second World War

The “Miracle” at Dunkirk

The Battle of the Atlantic (for Canada)

The Battle of Britain




Photo Credit: Library and Archives Canada

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